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Robot Safety


The safety regulations mentioned in the previous post are sufficiently complex that we decided to call the professionals, in our case¬†Pilz.¬†They’re market leaders in safety equipment and are now installing everything that is required to make a robot safe to use. Starting with a safety fence that is equipped with “bullet-proof” 8mm thick polycarbonate (less to protect “against” the robot, but rather to keep damaged rotating tools and chipped material within the cell), sensors that detect when a door is closed and when it’s open, and electronic locks to keep users out when the robot is operating in Auto mode. All of this is wired to a safety-PLC which is actually housed within the KUKA robot cabinet. Behind the fence are Christoph Ryll, David Machanek, and Mr. Paradeis of Pilz who developed and implemented our robot-safety concept.

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